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80s Halloween Costumes

80s Halloween Costumes  80s Halloween Costumes  



80s Halloween Costumes


Most Halloween parties have a theme of some sort. If the Halloween party has a theme of the 80s, then you will need an 80s Halloween costumes. A lot of people look back at the era of the 1980s, and then a feeling of nostalgic fondness go through them. There are a lot of iconic movies, actors or singers that are associated with the 80s, and you can get inspiration from these for your 80s Halloween costumes.

If you are thinking of a movie inspired Halloween costume, then you can go for movies based costume such as E.T., Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and Return of the Jedi. Music artist that are associated with the 1980s are Michael Jackson, Prince, Adam Ant and Madonna. If you still need a more specific Halloween 80s inspired costume, then here are a couple of suggestions.

Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Beetlejuice is an iconic character from the 1980s, and most people can instantly recognize its unique aura and personality which is mostly based on dark comedy. Beetlejuice question is also easy to pull off. You can simply wear a striped white jacket, and with a black and white striped trousers. You need also to find Beetlejuice wig and a few make up to complete the character. If you are having difficulties, you can always use Beetlejuice picture as a reference.

Robocop costume

Robocop is iconic character that comes from the 1980s. However, because of its popularity you may find duplicates on a 1980s themed Halloween party. There are plenty of ways you can personify Robocop, from a loose imitation to hard-core imitation with the complete plastic molded chest armor and leg plates. If you do not want to go overboard on imitating Robocop, then you can simply use a two-piece jacket and attach on extravehicular activity armor. You could add a plastic molded chest plate with the word Robocop etched into it, and find a similar looking helmet to complete the costume.


If you are thinking of doing a couple Ghostbusters Halloween costume, then a Ghostbusters 80s Halloween costumes would do. Ghostbusters is another iconic movie blockbuster that stem out from the 1980s. The costume is also easy to do, and can be worn by couples as an added benefit. If you're having difficulty of re-creating the costume, then a reference from a picture can easily solve such a problem. For the male costume, an overall beige colored jacket will do. Then you need to attach a Ghostbusters logo on the right sleeve and on the left pouch. An inflatable proton pack and a Ghostbusters gun is needed to complete the costume. For the female costume, a one piece beige overall is advised with a lace front neckline. The Ghostbusters logo is also attached on the right shoulder and the right pouch. A proton pack and a Ghostbusters gun is needed but in a smaller version.

These are only a few examples of the many 80s Halloween costumes you can wear. You can also visit the website www.madamegirl.com to check out some readymade Halloween costumes.